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About us

We're a bike shop. A bike shop with a cool web site to be precise.  We fix bikes, sell bikes and stuff related to biking.  We carry a lot of the brands you know and some you may not, but it's all good stuff.  We service all types of bikes, even road bikes *gasp*.  We sell all types of bikes too, but mostly mountain bikes as our name implies.   We've been at our Lehi location since August of 2006.

We weren't always a bike shop.  We actually started out as just a website.  If you want to know our story, well here goes.  Once upon a time, we were just mountain bikers.  Biking was our hobby.  A bunch of brother-in-laws, we rode together most weekends and took as many trips to Moab and St. George as our wives would allow.  Bruce Argyle, the ring leader, now a retired emergency physician, (which came in handy on more than one occasion) began to record our rides, take pictures and document our adventures.  GPS was fairly new at the time (late 90s/early 2000s), and so was the internet.

Bruce had a side hustle called Mad Scientist Software.  He wrote some high tech software to teach emergency medicine skills.  His website, besides advertising the software, displayed the Utah trail information with pictures and gps data.   As traffic increased to the software website for Utah trail information, we decided to separate the two and create utahmountainbiking.com, circa 2000.

Bruce's brother-in-law Michael Engberson (who now runs the bike shop) helped with Bruce's software business.  Noticing all the traffic to utahmountainbiking.com, we saw an opportunity to start selling bike parts and accessories online.  It was also a chance for us to get bike parts for ourselves at wholesale prices. In order to "get the good stuff" we had to move from our office space in Alpine, UT to our current brick-and-mortar shop in Lehi, UT. Well, one thing led to another and here we are operating a full blown bike shop.  Brother-in-laws Matt Flygare, Chad Hunter and Dom Bria moved on with their careers, Bruce continues to document trail information and Michael runs the bike shop.